Corona effects on your skin

Keep Skin Moisturised after Using Hand Gels and Sanitizers..

With the Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on a global scale, keeping hands clean is of paramount importance these days, more so than normal. It is necessary to wash hands thoroughly and regularly in order to prevent the spread of infection for the recommended time. Following it up with hand gels or sanitizers is fine but, you have to keep hands moisturised too.

What is the Problem?

While frequent hand washing is a reliable way to keep this disease at bay, it can lead to excessively dry skin which can cause another problem in itself. The problem is greatly compounded if you already have dry skin – you will soon notice cracks and flakiness and no ones wants that. The ideal time to wash hands is 20 seconds but, people usually don’t adhere to this specific time limit although this may shock you. Fact: Soap and water rinses germs and dirt but, also strips away natural and protective oils in your skin. Cracks that form on the skin can increase your risk of contracting infections through the fissures and also lead to conditions such as eczema so its important to look after your skin. Even if you use hand gels, it isn’t sufficient to prevent the skin from becoming overly dry.

Keep the Skin Moisturised.. Simple but true....

After washing your hands, gently pat dry instead of rubbing them the reason being it can cause irritation and we want to reduce that. Once your hands are dry, use a hand cream so the moisture is replenished and sealed in. Please remember to, where possible, use organic products that don’t include harmful chemicals, allergens, or artificial fragrances as they will have the biggest benefit. They will nourish the skin and prevent it from becoming flaky, cracked, or too dry. It is advisable to check the ingredients as some lotions can primarily be water-based that can further dry out skin because the water evaporates. Creams on the other hand, are generally oil-based and more effective for this purpose but checking ingredients will help you best assess. Being prepared is imperative in these difficult times, so it is best to carry your personal tubes of moisturiser, to avoid spreading germs by sharing with others.

If after the ultimate in moisture experience for your hands we advise covering in lotions & then placing your hands in Cotton Gloves and sleep in them to allow the moisture to fully replenish!

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