Top tips for looking after your eyebrows in lockdown

Eyebrows should be as unique as you are, but with so many different sizes, shapes, shades and styles, it can be hard to know where to begin.

For those not comfortable waxing or threading at home, we suggest tweezing the obvious stray hairs and working with what you have to prevent any over plucking and thinning of the brow. However, when you pick up those tweezers it’s important to remember why you left it to the professionals in the first place!

Most people’s concerns are around the uneven appearance of brows, this can be managed through the illusion of hairs which can be created using brow pencils, pens or mascaras which act to thicken up sparse areas of the brow.

Start by grabbing a clean spoolie (disposable brush) and brushing the brows in upward motions to neaten. Then, take a pen, pencil or mascara and start to fill the brow. We recommend using the Browtec pencil from HD Brows for this - it has a super-thin tip so hair strokes can be mimicked easily and cleanly.

Keep motions short and upward to create clean lines which will detract from any extra strays and maintain similar shapes.

You could also try The Brow Define pencil - the smudge-proof, long-lasting formula makes it quick and easy to fill, define and shape your brows to perfection. Plus, it’s got a built in sharpener making it perfect for use on-the-go.

Those with sparse eyebrows may be worried about the look of their natural brows whilst treatments like microblading aren’t available, but there are so many products available now that help you fake the salon look yourself.

Whilst some people like to rock a bushy brow, others are more comfortable with a neat and clean edged brow – regardless of which style you prefer, the trick to keeping brows neat is to keep them in place. A finishing gel is a great product to maintain your brow style throughout the day and we highly recommend HD Brow Colourfix for this. A brush-on tinted brow gel that grooms and slicks brows into shape with a hint of colour without flaking or stiffening the hair. Enriched with Vitamin E to provide antioxidant properties, it is the perfect product for adding volume and colour to brow hairs.

All products are available from us in six shades:

HD Brows Colourfix Smoke swatch 
Smoke HD Brows Colourfix Bombshell swatch Bombshell HD Brows Colourfix Foxy swatch Foxy HD Brows Colourfix Siren swatch Siren HD Brows Colourfix Vamp swatch Vamp HD Brows Colourfix Raven swatch Raven

If you don’t feel comfortable with tackling your eyebrows yourself then it might be time to take advantage of lockdown for having a little beauty detox and letting them grow out. This also means that when it is safe to visit No-ThirtySix again, you’ll be able to discuss a reshape and achieve the brows you’ve always dreamed about.