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As recommended in Vogue Magazine - have you seen the benefits of Silk - a natural beauty thereapy? Don't believe us just look online....

On average we spend one third of our life in bed – so why not use that time to repair the skin and smooth the hair? Silk stops friction on hair and the bed head frizz.

Silk by nature is hypoallergenic and its reported to provide relief for skin and hair conditions.

Silk minimises the fine lines and wrinkles that cotton and acrylic man-made fibres cause.

Wake up without the sleep creases – silk will protect you through the night – not just a luxurious sleep but a luxurious treatment while you sleep.

Who would ever have thought a silk pillow case could make such a difference?

We currently have silk pillowcases available and can also make bespoke pillowcases to order so please do let us know. These make the ultimate luxurious gift to you or someone else!